Frequently asked questions about baby teething

Frequently asked questions about baby teething

Mentioned below are some of the most frequently asked questions about baby teething. These questions and their answers will clarify various doubts you may have as a new parent. 

  • At which age will my baby get his first teeth? 
  • In general, your baby will start to teeth at the age of five months. However, it is not a rule of thumb. Some babies take longer to teeth while others may teeth earlier. So, you shouldn’t worry even if your child doesn’t teeth at the age of 5 months. 

  • Why does my baby cry when she is teething? 
  • Teething is somewhat painful for your baby. It is not an easy process to go through. They will often feel cranky. Moreover, they feel a general uneasiness. They always want to chew whatever they can get their hands. Also, they will drool plenty and some babies may even develop a slight rash. All these signs are normal. Some babies, however, tend to experience ear infections when they teeth. Well, if any of those symptoms are too extreme or your baby is vomiting, you should call your baby’s pediatrician immediately. 

  • How to relieve my baby’s discomfort from teething? 
  • There is nothing much you can do because it is a completely natural process. Also, the painful symptoms might go away quickly. However, you can alleviate his temptation to chew by giving him a good baby teether that is made out of silicone. In fact, a baby teether can work well to alleviate the irritation of your baby’s gums. Be sure that you wash the teether properly between each use. 

  • How to clean my baby’s teeth? 
  • You shouldn’t worry about using toothbrushes for your baby until she has visible teeth. Instead, you can use a gentle washcloth to rub her gums gently. Once you see his teeth, you can use a baby toothbrush made with soft bristles. Make it a habit to brush their teeth in the morning and night. 

  • Should I use toothpaste? 
  • You don’t have to use toothpaste at the beginning. The chemicals in the toothpaste can be harmful to your baby when swallowed. So, your child shouldn’t be given toothpaste until he is old enough to know how to spit it out without swallowing. 

  • Will my baby get cavities? 
  • Yes. That’s possible. Cavities are can occur in baby teeth as well. To avoid that, you should use regular brushing. Also, cavities can be prevented by avoiding sugary drinks and food. 

  • When to see my child’s dentist for the first time? 
  • You may take your child to the dentist during the first year even if he has healthy teeth. That will make him familiar with the dentist. Also, his dentist will give her the essential instructions to maintain healthy teeth. 

    So, those are some of the common questions asked by parents about their children’s oral health. Be sure that you arrange regular visits to your child’s dentist and follow those instructions precisely to avoid future health issues.